High quality experiential programming., Vivid images and sound.

What We Do

Experiential Programming of Nature's Events at Nature's Pace


We license "Experiential" or "Slow Nature TV," including the series Sunrise Earth. Viewers are allowed to develop a mindful relationship with natural scenery. The pace is calming and peaceful.

BlueMarvel segments are done with natural sound and no narration. It's different. Viewers of Sunrise Earth on our BlueMarvel ROKU channel or our BlueMarvel VIMEO OnDemand channel tell us it's refreshing and mesmerizing.

And healing. BlueMarvel's original content is also currently playing in over 60,000 hospital rooms and health care settings. We invite you to take a few moments to pause and reset.

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Our Mission

The best way to experience nature is to go outside. If that’s not an option, BlueMarvel presents an alternative way to experience nature via crisp, vivid images and sounds. 


Our Story

BlueMarvel distributes branded content produced by Compass Light, a production company that has delivered hundreds of hours of award-winning broadcast television. Compass Light was founded by Director David Conover.  In 2003, his team developed a new format of television, called “Experiential TV" and subsequently “Slow TV.” This is a radically observational and carefully crafted aesthetic exemplified by their nature series Sunrise Earth. BlueMarvel content was inspired by the success of Sunrise Earth, in which not a single word is spoken and features picturesque remote locations as the sun comes up.  A new series produced in this same style, titled Big Picture Earth, will be released OnDemand with CuriosityStream in 2016.

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